Marking Solutions

Partex Marking Systems are designed to help identify cables, wires and pipes, in and around junction boxes and enclosures, quickly and accurately, every time.

AL OUFY ELCTRICALS with Partex have many years' experience of developing and manufacturing marking systems. The tangible results can be seen in the form of a range of products that meet the most rigorous of international requirements and can be found in installations practically the whole world over.

Marking increases safety and reduces working times in manufacturing and during production stoppages. Furthermore, marking simplifies maintenance and reduces costs for service, maintenance, production loss, fault identification, repairs and exchange of electrical equipment.

Partex offers a complete range of marking products. Over 60 years' experience of development and manufacturing have given us unique expertise in the field.

Partex is a reliable business partner that can quickly deliver the exact products you order. The high-quality, user-friendly marking products fulfil current and future requirements on quality and environmental considerations.

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