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Best Lighting offers the Self Diagnostic/Self-Test feature on many of its exit and emergency lighting fixtures. This feature is becoming increasingly more important in the world of exit and emergency lighting as architects and building owners become more aware of its tremendous value-added functions and safety-assuring techology.

The heart of the SDT feature is the on-board IC chip that continuously monitors the entire fixture and reports any malfunction via a user interface. The user interface identifies the exact nature of the problem allowing the occupant or service personnel to take the proper steps to correct it.

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The SELF TESTING feature included in the circuitry tests the fixture every 30 days for 15 minutes and once every 12 months for a full 90 minute discharge test, simulating a maximum use power failure. After each test, it recharges the battery automatically and returns to normal operating mode. Any problems found during or after the test are reported through the user interface.

This SELF TESTING actually helps prolong the life of the batteries by keeping them exercised and fresh. Without the SDT feature, the battery can remain idle for long periods of time, only being used in an actual power failure and thereby depleting their ability to hold and maintain a proper charge.

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